About Simone

What makes me qualified to help you?

I am a certified professional success coach and psychologist,

Fitness and natural health expert and previous personal trainer,

Public speaker and people developer,

Writer and researcher,

Master of resilience,

And the Founder of

The Self Coach Approach:

Empowering Steps to Create the Life you really Want

The Self Coach Approach


I combine proven coaching techniques, foundations of positive psychology, experiences with coaching clients, my own first-hand life and work experiences, and my 18 year university and corporate training background to teach you the best of what actually works.

I share the inside scoop on how to:

transform challenges into blessings,

thrive in the face of adversity,

be inspired to come out swinging,

and be empowered to do what you REALY want!

(PST ... that does NOT mean simply settling for what you just think you can do!)

I've been there

I have redesigned my life several times over

As a child

As a child immigrant of 9 years old, I had to leave close friends and family members in Germany to move to Canada. Not necessarily deemed a gifted child back home, I now had to start over and learn a new language too. The challenges I faced ignited the desire to succeed in spite of the daunting task ahead. I became a top student and one of the first in my family to graduate from university.

In my 20's

A few years later, during my undergraduate studies in Psychology, a professor I really admired told me I would likely never earn a graduate degree because the competition was too stiff. At first I cried on the way home, then set out to prove her wrong. I later graduated with top grades, kick-ass skills and a Masters Degree in my back pocket.

For most of my life

Struggling with my weight and body image for many years since high school, I finally cracked the code of healthy eating and regular exercise. I completely changed what I ate and I feel healthy and happy with my body.

At 19

At 19, I survived of a near death experience during a car accident (and subsequent spinal injury) during the Christmas break of my first year at university. I was told that I should forgo the rest of the semester. And to not plan on participating in most sports in the future. Well, that just would not do. I learned to walk again and went back to university a few weeks later wearing a full body brace. I also became a lifelong sports enthusiast. For example, as a competitive triathlete I even represented Canada at the 2009 World Triathlon championship.

In my late 30's

Once I met my dream man in my late thirties - and was ready to have a family - I was told I would never have a child of my own. At first, I felt betrayed by my body. I was questioning why something like this was happening to me. I really had to dig deep to get through this.  But I chose not to accept this as my truth and not give up on my dream. Four years later, I gave birth to a wonderful baby girl.


When a freak accident left my self-employed spouse debilitated, and me the sole provider for our family, I felt totally overwhelmed. After some good wallowing, I chose this to be the beginning of something positive instead. I had contemplated reinventing my coaching business ever since I had a child. I wanted more freedom to be truly present for my family and myself. The accident was the catalyst for me to start this new chapter and develop The Self Coach Approach.  And help others also empower themselves using the insights I (continue) to learn. 

Client praise

I've been lucky to work with many wonderful people. Here are some of them:

Wai-Yung Akdogu Web and Graphic Designer

"Simone's positive energy and caring personality makes her an amazing coach. I am very grateful to have her by my side.

Having found my passion in my work as an entrepreneur, I was slowly letting it take over my life. With coaching, it helped me find the balance that I needed where I can enjoy both life and work. Working with Simone, we viewed my obstacles in different perspectives to help me find the right solutions.

Simone keeps me on track with my goals, she pushes my motivation to the next level and challenges my “should's and if's”.

I thank her for being my coach, thank you Simone Alberts!"

Biba Love Realtor

"Simone has a very unique and effective way of helping me put complex issues and emotions into perspective. Working with her has given me the tools to clarify and simplify my life, allowing me to focus on those things that are most important to my success, both personally and professionally. I am calmer, focused and centred, and look forward to continued self-advancement through our coaching sessions.

Brigitte Heikel Team Manager

"The Coaching that Simone offered was not your typical coaching. Simone helped me take control of different aspects of my life, especially in my work. Simone also helped me be stronger so I can manage stressful situations in my personal life as well. I have renewed confidence in myself and my role as a manager. I am happier and feel better about myself. Simone has made me see that change starts with me and comes from within. She is genuine, honest and non-judgmental. She is a fantastic coach!"

Shamim Sachedina Manager of Workforce Planning & Operations

"Simone has worked with me as my coach for both my personal and professional goals. Since I have started working with Simone, I have a much clearer picture of what my true goals are and I have made great strides in achieving them. I have complete trust in her and truly believe she is interested in being part of my journey. If you are interested in more details about working with Simone, please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to share them."

Kevin Lee Non-profit Development Officer

"Receiving coaching from Simone is proving to be truly beneficial for me. From the beginning, her approach has been holistic - engaging values and relationships, as well as career, business and personal development. I appreciate her clarity of thought and her warm, professional manner. I've enjoyed the process and the appreciated the results. I would recommend Simone to anyone." 

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