Learn how

  • Feel happy about the choices you are making
  • Tackle life with optimism and an empowered perspective of possibility
  • Feel enabled to create a fulfilled life aligned with your purpose
  • Stop limiting beliefs in their tracks
  • Feel in control of your life and the choices you make
  • Know exactly how to take the steps you need to create the life you want
  • Finally fit self-development into your busy schedule
  • Trust that you can do what you set your mind to
  • Be inspired to take the first steps towards the life you have always wanted
  • Set goals you can't wait to get started on
  • Proactively deal with challenges effectively and efficiently
  • Revisit goals, you may have given up previously with new found vigor
  • Regain a sense of control and confidence in your ability to thrive
  • Discover and trust your own internal wisdom
  • Feel confident in the choices you make - no more second guessing!
  • Feel confident in your ability to improve your life
  • Be free to create the life you really want when and wherever you choose
  • Coach yourself on any area of your life, without having to hire and pay for a professional 
  • Become unstuck and shake off feelings of being overwhelmed 
  • Learn on your own or be inspired within a tribe of like minded freedom seekers for extra support and valuable insights
  • Reveal what inspires and energizes you
  • Discover tangible solutions you can action right away
  • Know how to handle problems across different situations easily and with less stress
  • Discover your life purpose!

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Are you yearning to reinvent yourself? 

Want to be more satisfied and fulfilled with your life, career, relationships or health? But are having a hard time knowing how to make this happen? (We can show you how!)

Are you looking for an easier way to find clarity on what you want?

For your life and around other important decisions? And you'd rather figure things out by yourself? (We will teach you and you take it away!)

Have you been longing to feel more confident in your abilities?

Do you want to feel empowered to make big decisions by trusting yourself more? (We'll show you how to tap into your power!)

Are competing work and family commitments keeping you from creating your dream life?

Are you looking for flexible tools which are easy to fit in your schedule to help you craft a fresh start? (Our program is very bendy!)

Are you struggling to keep a sense of optimism when tackling life’s challenges?

And you want to know how to change this about yourself? (Yes, there is a way!)

Have you been looking for a way to gain freedom and a sense of control over your life again?

Struggling knowing where to start? Maybe even the process itself feels intimidating? (We can show you how easy it is!)

We have all been there. It's why I created this program.

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Interactive with Live Support:

It's Your Time to Shine - The Online Mastermind Group

Learn how to coach yourself within a group of like minded learners

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Personalized learning and support:

Personalized Instruction

Learn at your own pace with one-on-one Skype or telephone coaching to rock the new you with ease

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What makes The Self Coach Approach unique and so effective?

We make it easy for you to empower yourself

1. So you can coach yourself instead of paying someone else month after month

     You don’t have the time, inclination or budget to hire a professional coach? We will teach you how to do it yourself.

2. You have the flexibility to develop yourself when it fits your schedule and wherever you want

     Before or after work? Once the kids are in bed? At the beach or park? In your car? At home? During your travels?

3. You like the option of tapping into a community of other life-designers and freedom seekers

     You'd love to learn with and be supported by a group of like minded people.

Don't take our word for it

What our clients say:

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Pierre Bourbonnaise World Globetrotter

"The process of coaching spoke to me, both in its visual and progressive nature. I enjoyed the tools I learned; they gave me a more holistic view of my situation. That really was the kick start for me to realize several things: Where I want to be, what I like and don’t like. I really started feeling that there is a change happening in me and it is really working for me. Now I have the tools and the basis, but it does not stop for me here – it will always be part of my life. I want to sustain this new-found way of living, professionally and personally, and make sure to use it on an ongoing basis.

Coaching was a very positive experience for me. It allowed me to put things back in perspective. It gave me the time to reflect on many aspects of my life, both personally and professionally, and learn new tools to add to my tool box. This has been very positive. By learning about myself, it allowed me to put my focus on the right places and make sure to use a different approach. It has allowed me to be much happier!"

Cathy MacCoubrey Travel Operations Manager, Vancouver

"Coaching helped me stay accountable to what I want to do differently. I learned to do things with “intention” rather than by “reaction”. I now go into things using strategy, rather than simply reacting, because I have a much better mental state. I now prioritize my work. I don't bring negativity home. I feel less stress in my life outside of work as well. No more rehashing things that happened at work with my family! And I am using what I learned in coaching sessions to help others because it helps me empower others, for example my direct reports and co-workers.

I appreciate the solid structure Simone kept in order for this experience to be of more service for me. I wish my entire team would go through this process – we can all benefit from this and I mean this very sincerely.”

We make it easy!

Pick the option which best suits you:

The Self Coach Approach
$1499 early bird
12 weekly sessions

12 weeks live online 90 minute mastermind sessions

Access to Facebook mastermind group

Facilitated live group discussion with other like-minded people like you

Live Q & A opportunities

Optional pairing up with a peer accountability partner

Supporting worksheets

Useful checklists

Contact us about our monthly payment option of 750 USD per month over 3 months

The Self Coach Approach
$400 (limited time price reduction - $797)

Twice monthly 45 minute One-on-One Skype or telephone Coaching sessions

Personalized instruction on how to coach yourself

One-on-one coaching support

Monthly check-ins and text support

Supporting worksheets

Useful checklists

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