How nature can feed your soul

Many different spiritual schools of thought, as well as scientific and medical research, has shown how beneficial nature is to our well being. Does that surprise you or have you noticed this for yourself? If you really think about it, how could nature not have such a big positive impact on us?  Until fairly recently in the evolution of the human species, our lives were always closely intertwined with nature. In the big scheme of things, it is a recent thing for humans to live in cities devout of access to nature.

The science shows that it is unhealthy for our bodies and minds to be disconnected from nature for long stretches of time.

Does it not make sense that we need it to be healthy and happy? It certainly resonates for me. Nature is a helpful tool for me to stay grounded in my many different roles: Corporate manager, owner of a boutique coaching business, mother of a kindergartner, life partner, supporter of aging parents etc.   If you’ve watched any of my Facebook or Instagram posts and stories, you will see how I love to seek inspiration from nature.  You can almost call nature my soul food.

Nothing helps me get out of a funk, or forget about hassles of everyday life, then connecting with nature.

It does not really matter what you do in nature, you just have to follow one rule: Pay attention to what it is going on and get very, very present. It does not matter whether it’s sitting by the ocean watching the waves or in the forest hearing the wind in the trees.  It does not have to be a fancy experience to be beneficial. It can be as simple as taking joy in seeing the flowers around your neighbourhood or the hummingbird buzzing around the feeder on your urban balcony.

Nature is ready to engage with us. The question is, are we ready to take it in?

What resonated with me at a recent mediation program led by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra, was the idea that nature is always ready and available for us to access its healing powers. Whenever we are ready to engage with it, it will nourish and supports you. For example, check out my post on Forest Therapy for helpful tips and tricks to see how easy it is to benefit immensely from the healing power of the woods.

The trouble is, we often choose to shelter ourselves from nature, versus fully emerging ourselves in it.

So what keeps you from engaging with nature as often as you want or need to? No doubt, you have a list of “reasons”. Too busy, can’t be bothered to go, it’s too much of a hassle, don’t want to get dirty, would have to exert myself to see it. How helpful are the ways you currently unwind? While it may be easier to drink a cup of coffee or a glass of wine, watch TV or play on your phone, the truth is, none of these “convenient” give you the soul nourishing benefit nature can. Evolutionary speaking, our need to be exposed to nature is hard wired in us. We simply do not function as well without it.

How will you bring more nature into your life?

So, what’s it going to be? It is summer time. Nature is putting on it’s full show from early in the morning to late at night. It is waiting for you to access it and enjoy. What is one small step you will take to tap into that peaceful connection to the natural world? What will you do to start breathing it in and just be in it? You know it’s what you need. What will it take?

What if it were easy? How would that look? What do you choose? When we step into our choices, the world starts to look differently. Nature is ready and waiting to take you in.

Please leave a comment in the section below and share what small step you will take!



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