How to spring forward into a refreshed body and mind

You’ve heard about spring cleaning you home, but how about your body and mind?

The long winter is over and things are looking upward. Maybe your family just finished enjoying a nice spring break get-away? You’ve started heading out the stores to find a new spring outfit? Maybe you are already contemplating what you will do in the summer? And then it hits you. This lovely softly padded winter body you have been feeding with rich comfort foods since the fall is soon going to be exposed! Its coming out of hibernation to warmer weather and all that goes with it. Summer shorts, skirts, dresses … bathing suits! Bare legs, arms, and dare I say, bare midriffs!  Excited? If you are anything like me, the thought may be making you a wee bit nervous.

Well, I am not here to freak you out. Relax, I’ve got you covered. I am here to share a few quick tips and ticks to help you get over the winter-body slump. And not leave your mind behind. Want excited about enjoying spring and summer without hiding behind a caftan.  Ready? Here we go:

Idea #1: Scrub a dub-dub.

Nothing reveals nice, fresh pink skin better than dry brushing. Just take a soft natural bristle brush and start brushing your body in circles from your extremities (feet and hands) towards your heart. This is a great way to exfoliate your skin and boost your lymphatic system as well, making you less prone to nasty spring colds. I do it every morning as part of my routine to help wake me up. That and a nice cup of green Earl Grey tea.

Idea #2: Go swimming.

Nothing motivates improving your eating habits than seeing yourself in a bathing suit. In public. LOL! Okay, I am only half kidding. The truth is, getting your body moving again with regular exercise will do a lot to improve your enthusiasm to embrace the upcoming season. Swimming happens to be a really good workout. It is easy on the joints, so perfect if you have not worked out in a while. It has you use your whole body.  And it tones without adding bulk. It’s a win-win-win.

Idea #3: Eat more greens and less starchy carbs.

Okay, this one will create the most immediate impact on the way your body looks and feels. Remove starchy carbs for a month and you will be amazed what a difference it makes. You have to try it to believe it. Now I realize not everyone wants a beach-ready body and that is totally okay. But if you do, this tip will get you there. Load up on nutrient dense veggies and leave the starchy carbs to someone else to eat.

Idea #4: Play the beats.

Listen to some of your favourite, uplifting music. Whether you like to blast it loud.  Or let it inspire you by playing softly in the background. Music is an unmistakable force. One even the toughest winter fat is not immune to, because it gets you moving. Let it move you right out of that arm chair (with the soft fur-like blanket on it) and onto your feet. Get jiggy. Dance. Tap. Swirl or twirl. Listen to it in your car. Plug in to it when you go for walk. Or cleaning the house. Or cooking dinner. It is an unstoppable force you can leverage to be on your side.

Idea #5: Do a detox.

Just like spring cleaning your closet, how about cleaning from the inside out? Doing a detox gets rid of all the yucky toxins your body has accumulated the past year. It gives your body a fresh start and really clears up the mind as well. Check out my recent detox blog where I share how I got started with doing detoxes and what I’ve learned first hand.

Idea #6: Meditate every day.

I want to write a specific post just on this subject some time soon and it also needs to be on this list today. Meditation is one of the best ways to spring clean and reset your mind. It helps you connect with your best self, put obstacles in your life in perspective, get grounded and tuned into how you fit within the universe. If you think this is a high order for simply sitting still, think again. It is that powerful. A few years ago, I was a non-believer myself. I did a one month meditation challenge and never turned back. Now, I am converted. Check out these previous blogs on two different types of meditations: One to start your day and ones to help you finish it.

Idea #7: Love yourself for who you are.

This one may sound like it’s easier than the other ones at first.  But really, for most of us, this is the hardest thing to do. To simply love yourself, your body, your hair, your eye colour, your skin, your temperament, your accomplishments, your strengths and your weaknesses … Just. As. You. Are. Don’t let those perfect Instagram pictures fool you. Because you are perfectly imperfect. Just like everyone else. And your real beauty radiates through every pore of our being. Its in our smile. In the twinkle of our eyes. In the slightest movements of our hands.

If you only do one of the items on this list, let it be this one. You are beautiful just the way you are. Take that in. Breathe and own it.



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