What is your Why? Your Life Purpose Revealed


Have you ever thought about what makes you you? And what role you have on this planet? The chance of being born is so infinitely small. For you to be created in the first place. From the likelihood of your parents meeting, to the circumstances which influenced everything to follow. What historical era you were born into. The challenges and opportunities it presents. The experiences you have growing up. Who influenced you and how.


Do you think it was it a cosmic fluke that everything fell into place for you to be born?


In light of what I just wrote, it may seem like you being alive, here and now, is just a big coincidence. What do you think? People differ in their answer to this question. Some believe that they are here for a reason. And many have never thought about it. While others trust that they have a higher purpose than merely getting by.


Each person is a unique genetic, physical, experiential and emotional combination.


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For centuries, different philosophies around the world have firmly believed that there is a purpose – a life purpose – for every person on this planet. Furthermore, not living your potential is not only a disservice to you, but to the world as a whole. This is a belief coaching shares as well.


No person has ever existed before with your exact abilities and potential. And there will never be another person like you. Ever again. This also means, that only you can do exactly what you do. You embody a unique impact for the world. If you do not live your life purpose, it’s impact will be lost to the world forever. 


There will never be another person exactly like you ever again.


Take a moment to breathe into the universal truth of this. It’s awe inspiring, isn’t it? If you find it a bit intimidating, a take a deep breath. As you breathe, start trusting that you already have everything you need inside you to live your life purpose. Even if you do not believe it wholeheartedly … yet. Or even if you don’t quite know what your life purpose is. Take an additional moment to feel a deep gratitude to the universe for creating you. Just as you are.


Do you trust that everything happens for a reason … including you being on this planet now?


Do you trust in your belief that this is true? Yes, this is a heavy topic. Daunting perhaps, but also inherently intriguing and exhilarating. How can it not be? We are talking about your life here!


This brings us to the next question: Do you know what your life purpose is? You many have no idea. And that is perfectly normal. Heck, for many of us, just realizing that we have one is pretty big. Others, may have an inkling what it is. While others again have tapped into it for a long time. And are using it to create the life they really want.


Your life’s purpose is the underlying central reason for why you were put on this earth.


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Due to each person’s unique physical and emotional make-up, naturally, each person’s life purpose is different. Yet most of us have no idea what it is. We spend a lot of effort trying to figure out what to do with our lives.

  • What should we study or learn?
  • Where do we want to live?
  • What career should we pursue?
  • Who should we date? And marry?
  • Should we have kids?

ALL of the big decisions in our lives are so much easier – almost effortless – when we know what our life purpose is.



What is your big “Why”?


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One area a coach helps their clients with, is finding their life purpose statement. To reveal this, the coach follows an intricate flow of explorative questions. With the goal of helping the client articulate a simple, but powerful life purpose statement. Because I want to empower people with the option to coach themselves, I recently created a free download which shows exactly how to find your life purpose on your own. Click the link below to download your free copy of the 6 easy steps. Included is also a workbook to help you coach yourself through each step.


To create the life you really want, you need to know what that is for you. The answer lies in your Life Purpose.


Some of you may be asking “How might having a life purpose statement help me going forward?” What do you do with it? It is an immensely helpful decision-making tool. When at a crossroads, you simply ask themselves “Which option will help me find or stay connected to my life purpose?”


Let me ask you this: How would your life change, once you articulate your life purpose? The answer depends on you. What is possible for you when you have that clarity? And trust it wholeheartedly? One of the powerful uses of life purpose statements is to help give you direction when you are unsure what comes next. Here are some examples:

  • Making important decision.
  • When you are at a crossroads with conflicting priorities.
  • Guide your career choices. For example, what you could do instead of your current 9-5 job.
  • Know what to say “yes” to in life. And what to say “no” to.
  • Identify what your ideal life looks like so that you can start making it happen.
  • Identify your personal or business brand.


Your Life Purpose statement is a powerful decision-making aid when you are at a crossroads in life and don’t know which choice to make.



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When you are at a junction in your life, knowing your life purpose can help you stay true to yourself. If you want to know what is next for you, brainstorm all of the options you can think of, which are aligned with your life purpose statement. And pick from that list. If a decision feels wrong or you are unsure, compare it to your life purpose statement. Is it aligned? Then your unease may be because you are onto something great – and that scares you. If it is not aligned, get curious about why that decision interested you in the first place. And reflect if it would serve you better to reconsider it.


If you would like to discover your Life Purpose statement, click the link to the free printable download I included in this blog. And leave a comment or message via Facebook if you need some help figuring out yours.

What is my Life Purpose statement, you may ask? I am the catalyst which promotes personal power in others and myself.


CLICK HERE for your free download: Identify your Life Purpose with confidence in under one hour. A free step-by-step guide for life re-inventors and freedom seekers




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