How to Make the Best of the Rest of your Summer!



If you are anything like me, then you find it hard to say goodbye to summer. I love where I live, but we really only have two seasons: Non-rainy season (July, August and part of September) and rainy season (the rest of the year)! So, for many people who live here in the Pacific Northwest, this means spending as much time as is possible milking summer for all it is worth.


Whether you live here or elsewhere, in the city, suburbs or country side, no doubt you have your favorite summer time activities. And likely, summer never feels quite long enough to do all you wish with it.  With a few weeks left in the season, it’s the perfect time to take an inventory of what you have experienced so far, and what you still want to squeeze in before the fall arrives.


Take a step back from your everyday routine and take 5 min to jot down what you still want to experience to make this a summer to remember?



Seriously. The laundry, shopping, recycling or tv show can wait. It’s not going anywhere. Take a moment to answer the question above honestly and openly to connect with what you really want.


What do you really want?


Once you know, make a plan. How could you make it happen before the summer is over?  Warning: This type of questioning may invoke your inner gremlin, who is only too eager to convince you of all of the reasons why you can’t or should not do what your soul is yearning for. Instead of entertaining any of those reasons, think of the ways you could make it feasible instead. What creative ways can you think of to circumvent any obstacles?


Living your best life is possible when you get really clear on what you need to be fulfilled.




To inspire you, here are some examples you can consider:

  • Do things outside. If it’s possible, do stuff outside – this includes work and play! Swim outside not indoors. Write on a bench in the park, instead of your desk at home. Eat on your deck, porch or balcony or have a weekday picnic. Shop stores you can access from the street, instead of going to a mall. Connecting to the outside can help you live in the moment. For more on this topic, CLICK HERE for last week’s blog post.


  • Attend summer festivals and events. Make a note of festivals and events you wish to attend in the remaining weeks. Listen to some music in the park or go to an outdoor movie event. It’s not possible to “dance at every wedding”, so pick the events which will make your soul sing and be sure to arrange your days so that you can attend them. I pre-populate my calendar in advance of the season, so that I am less likely to miss these special events. If cost is a concern, chose from the many free events most areas offer.


  • Spend quality time with your kids before they go back to school. It’s a great idea to combine time with your family, with the first point of heading outside. Take them along and do activities outside. Even simple activities, like flying a kite and playing at the beach, can enrich your experience of  summer.


  • Look forward to fall activities. The cooler weather, crisp mornings, beautiful sun sets which the fall brings are a pretty good trade-off to the joys of summer. The fall is a great time to go hiking, pull out those cozy sweaters, pick apples or go to the pumpkin patch.  Halloween and Thanksgiving will be just around the corner. These are all events to look forward to and help remind you that there is life after summer, grin.


And remember, summer is not over until September 22nd so there is still lots of time to get out there to live and love it!


Get intentional with your life and really live it!


I’d love to hear what your favorite summer activities are. Let me know by leaving your comment below. Want to make the best of any season? CLICK HERE to contact me to find out how you can create the life you really want.





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