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The Self Coach Approach

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You are in the right place if you are ...

A Freedom Seeker

You like to be free to do things whenever and wherever you want.  You love to travel or hang out at different places (other than an office)!  You are searching for a flexible self-development solution which suits your free lifestyle.  Scheduling regular meet ups with others is just too inconvenient for you.

Or maybe you simply don’t want the pressure of more appointments filling up your already busy days. Instead, you want the flexibility of coaching yourself where and when it suits you.

A Life Reinventor

You want an amazing life and know that there is more out there for you.  You are seeking to understand yourself better, get clarity on what is truly important to you and what you REALLY want to do! You are ready to start and just need to know how.

Or maybe you already know your purpose and have big plans, but are struggling to make it happen. You know there is no time like the present, but you don’t really know how and where to start.

Minding a Budget

You have always wanted coaching, but not the price tag. It just does't fit your current financial reality, although you know you really need support now more than ever.

Or perhaps you are planning on hiring a coach, but you want to learn how it works first. You want to try it yourself first before you commit.

Maybe you have a coach already and simply want to increase your results by actively supporting your progress in a more hands on way?

A Do It Yourselfer

You want to know how to create your dream life, without hiring a professional coach. Instead, you want to be independent and learn how to coach yourself. You are looking for a simple practical guide to show you the steps.

You want someone to point you in the right direction at the beginning to show you how.

Perhaps you want to do it yourself AND have the option of connecting with like minded people who are doing the same?

What clients say ...

Julia Behrendt B2B Marketing Professional

Simone showed me how I can create a life I am now 100% excited about!  I knew I needed a change, but like many, I did not know how to go about making it happen. Now, my work and lifestyle are amazing!

For me, scheduling sessions with a coach is just too inconvenient. Now that I know how to coach myself, I can do it whenever and wherever it works for my busy schedule.  And once I had started, everything changed.  I now enjoy a very fulfilled life - with a home based business, an active lifestyle and more time with family and travelling to the places I have always wanted to go.

I can’t believe how much I have learned through this process! Oh my goodness, the difference it has made.  I'm not struggling anymore to find clarity when I am unsure of my best options. I know how to handle procrastination and how to get out of overwhelm.  And how to make an action plan I can actually stick to. What a relief!

I whole heartedly recommend investing in yourself by contacting Simone and working with her.  Not only is she eager to share her knowledge, she also made it super easy and fun to learn!

Perry Danforth Contractor and Commercial Photographer

I just love this approach. Learning how to coach myself has been a total game changer for me. I had been trying to build my business as a contractor alongside my photography business. Previously, I spend a lot of money on coaches. I loved achieving the results, but not the inconvenience of scheduling sessions, and frankly, needing another person to help me do what I'd rather do for myself. I’m not one who really likes to share private stuff with other people, which is one of the reasons this self coaching method really works for me.

Simone breaks the self coaching foundations and skills down into easy to follow steps. They are very practical and you can apply them to help you with whatever is going on in your life. For example, a recent serious car accident would have really taken me for a spin (pardon the pun) if I did not know how to coach myself.  I maintained my business, kept a positive outlook and stuck to a rigorous rehab routine to recover physically as well. I have learned how to change my outlook toward believing in possibility and growth. Basically, how to motivate myself even when the chips are down.

Hey, I’ve seen first hand how short life can be.  Don’t you owe it to yourself to make it an awesome one? It’s never too late, but if you are like me, you also don't have time to waste. Contact Simone and get your real life started.

Biba Love Real Estate Agent

"Simone has a very unique and effective way of helping me put complex issues and emotions into perspective. Working with her has given me the tools to clarify and simplify my life, allowing me to focus on those things that are most important to my success, both personally and professionally. I am calmer, focused and centred, and look forward to continued self-advancement through this coaching approach."

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